Mic’s and DI boxes

Blue bottle (wtih B1, B6 and B9 capsule) CAD E-300,

 Studio projects B3,

 Perluso R-14 Neumann km 184 (2x),

 Schoeps (2x with Mk21 capsule),

 Neumann kms 105,

 DPA 4099 (2x),

 Share B91,

 Aantonen Mundo,

 Avantone CK-1 (2x),

 Behringer ECM 8000,

 Share SM7,

 Sennheiser E402 (2x),

 Share SM57,

 Avantone ATOM (2x),

 Avantone ADR,

 Radial JVC,

 Radial ProDI,

 Orchid electronics DI,

 BSS AR-133,

 Orchid electronics amp box,

Pre-amp / Outboard and other gear

 Tubetech MP2A (2x),

 SSL Alpha Channel,

 UAD LA610 (with LA2A style onto compressor),

 TLA Classic Valve EQ with pre amps (Vintage!) (2x),

 UAD Unison pre ams (4x),

 Midas M32 (16 pre amps),

 EL Distressor,

 DBX 160 (2x),

 Yamaha SPX 900


 SSL (2 channels converter in),

 UAD Apollo (18 channel converter in/out),

 TC Konnekt 48 (22 channel converter in/out

Afluistering en Monitoring

 Dynaudio BM6a met Dynaudio Bm9s Sub,

 Aantonen Mixcube,

 Sennheiser HD -600,

 SPL 2control,

 Symatric’s koptelefoon amp (6x),

 Sony MDR 7506 (4x),

 Sennheiser Hd 25 (1x),

 Personal monitor mix via IPAD met Midas Q-mix voor elke muzikant

Computer en software

 Apple 27” IMAC met Logic pro,

 Apple Macbook pro met Logic pro (voor op locatie),

 Midas M32 DAW Remote,

 UAD Pluginn’s,

 WAVES Pluginn’s,

 Steven slate plugs-inns,

 NI Komplete 8,

 and more…


 Yamaha UX3 piano,

 Gretsch Renown kit (22×18”, 10”, 12”, 16”),

 Gretsch renown snare 14” wood,

 Tama Starclassic snare 14” brass,

 Pearl snare (vintage) 14”,

 Including hardware, geen Cymbals,

 Peavey classic 30 tube amp,

 Ibanez troubadour,

 Harley benton bass amp,

 Fender jazzmaster,

 Fender squier stratocaster,

 Cord G-seies bas,

 Art and Luther western,

 Takemine G-series western,

 Richwood banjo,

 Fender Mandoline,

 Studiologic Acuna 73 midi keyboard (gewogen houten toetsen)